Boy Scout Insignia Placement

One of the methods of Scouting is the uniform. It promotes a sense of belonging and a feeling of togetherness when Scouts gather. There are literally dozens of patches, pins, and medals that can be worn on the uniform. There are established rules covering patches that may be worn on the uniform and their correct placement. These rules are documented in a publication of the Boy Scouts of America called the Insignia Guide 2003 - 2005 (Catalog #WW33066D $3.95) and it is available at any of the the Scout Shops.

For new Scouts, basic patch locations are fairly simple. Follow this general guide:

Left Sleeve: Council patch at the top, below that the troop number, and below that the badge of office such as patrol leader or assistant patrol leader.

Right Sleeve: Patrol emblem just under the US flag

Left Pocket: Badge of rank such as Scout or Tenderfoot, Webelos Arrow of Light may be worn below the pocket.

Right Pocket: Temporary patch such as a camporee patch of Klondike Derby patch

For additional patch placement, click here to download a Microsoft Word document with more information.

Last Updated:  Saturday, April 17, 2004